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Traceability of calibration

Your serialized and/or ID'ed instrument has been calibrated using standards that are traceable to NIST-USA and/or, International Metrology Institutes using International System of units (SI), (NPL-UK, PTB-Germany). Primary Traceable Standards used typically provide measurement uncertainty of less than or equal to one quarter of the manufacturers specifications, and when applicable, with a coverage factor of 2. Laerie, Inc. Calibration Service's use the Hutchinson's method for Guard Banding and TUR Strategy, False-Accept Risk requirement Z540-3 of 2%, normal distribution, 95% confidence level of uncertainty. Laerie, Inc.'s quality system is certified and registered to, ISO 17025 & ISO 9001:2008. Recalibration of this instrument can be based on when the instrument is put into service, plus the manufacturers recommended calibration interval. "Your Company": accepts full responsibility and understands the uncertainties and risk assessment in all measurements involved, and as it applies to "Your Companies" requirements, process, and quality system.

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